What fees do I have to pay to rent a condo at Legacy Dunes?

The fees we list separately on your bill are the cleaning fee and credit card fee.Our pricing and rates are based upon a 5 night stay or more. If guests requests to stay 4 nights or less the nightly rate is slightly higher and will be displayed under fees as a surcharge.

Why do you charge a cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee is to prepare the condo for your arrival. We pay an outside company to come and clean the condo from the previous guest. We choose to list the cleaning fee separate and not hide it in the nightly rate because it gives you the opportunity to see what you are paying for.

Why do I have to pay a credit card fee on my deposit?

In order for us to provide online booking, we need the deposit to be paid immediately. Credit card companies, Visa and MasterCard, can charge up to 6% if we use their direct services. We chose to use PayPal online payment services because they charge 3% to 4% for their transactions. All credit card transactions (deposit and balance) are subject to the credit card fee. You can use Visa and MasterCard though PayPal. Again, we use PayPal because it saves you money. If we did not list is separate, we would hide it in the nightly rate. But we don’t.

Do I need a Paypal Account?

No, you can pay through PayPal without setting up an account. It is fast, simple and secure. When booking a condo, you are linked directly to PayPal to make your deposit payment.

What other fees do I have to pay?

Get ready, here comes the list….. NONE!  The rest of your stay can be fee free! There are no other fees you have to pay. No parking fee, no internet fee, no resort fee, no booking fee, blah, blah, blah.

Really? NO other fees?

I said there are no other fees you have to pay! You can pay your balance by check, money order or a cashiers bank check with no fees that we charge. If you choose to pay your balance by credit card than that payment is subject to the credit card fee stated above in question 3. The only other fee at this time we charge is a $25 fee if you cancel your reservation.

Why do so many places show a nightly rate and than seem like they are nickel and dimeing everyone with so many fees?

Best question so far!  Renting Condos is a very competitive market and there are hundreds of rentals in the area. All owner’s and company’s have business expenses. Each company wants to advertise the best rate to get your attention. Some places have higher business expenses than others and some that have so many fees might be well….. just nickel and dimeing you.

Why not just forget all the fees and charge me the nightly rate you advertise?

Simply stated, It would not be profitable to do so. We can not just ignore these expenses. Most companies and owners know the lowest nightly rate they can offer and than list the fees separate so that you know where the money is going. If we did not list the fees separate they would be in the nightly rate and you would be paying them anyway.

Why not just include these fees in the nightly rate so I don’t get upset?

Than the advertised nightly rate would be higher and a potential guest like yourself might pass right by for a “cheaper rate”.

Why do prices vary so much sometimes from place to place?

Most condos are individually owned and either rented out through a management company or directly from the owner. Although, some condos are over priced and others under priced, like that old saying goes “you usually get what you pay for”

 What are the taxes I am paying?

A 7% Florida State Tax and A 6% Osceola County Tax. These two taxes are required by law and you will pay them at every Hotel and should be for any rental of a condo, townhouse or vacation home.

Can you waive the Cleaning Fee, Credit Card Fee and Taxes?

Let’s start with the taxes! If you ask to have the taxes waived please have all the required paperwork from Florida State and Osceola County granting you permission that states you are that one special person that does not need to pay taxes and please have a letter that says we will not go to jail for not collecting it.
Cleaning Fee waived: The only way we would be able waive the cleaning fee is if you clean the condo from the previous guest.  Because it is not known how clean the previous will leave the condo, this is not an option we offer.
Credit Card Fee. The credit card fee to pay the deposit can not be waived. And if you would like to waive the the credit card fee on the balance, simply mail a check!

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